GENE YOO: The Veteran Business Leader Offering Innovative Cyber Related Solutions with Resecurity, Inc.

GENE YOO: The Veteran Business Leader Offering Innovative Cyber Related Solutions with Resecurity, Inc.

A veteran and an alumnus of California University, Los Angeles, and an expert tech professional, Gene Yoo is the CEO of Resecurity, Inc. Gene has been in the industry for over 30+ years now with combined experience building and maintaining complex data centers to developing and operating cyber security operations. His unparalleled experience and discerning approach are the key reasons behind the company’s remarkable success.

Gene also has the distinction of being in a variety of industry verticals from both commercial aspects to operational duties. Having experience in both the product side and business executive gave him an opportunity to see how they both intertwine together. Of course it helps when you have the most knowledgeable professionals, as well as the best product team in the world, which is something that Gene is truly thankful for.

Resecurity, Inc at a Glance

Founded in 2016, Resecurity, Inc. has been globally recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies with the sole mission of protecting enterprises globally from evolving cyber threats through intelligence. Resecurity, Inc. has developed a global reputation for providing best-of-breed data-driven intelligence solutions.

The Resecurity’s clientele includes all sizes of clients! As well as government agencies here domestically and internationally. The key aspects of their solutions are that it can scale to any size organization, where you have a large operational group to one or two people shop. Their key focuses are to ensure that you are not having to learn how to use the product but get tailored intelligence or digital risk against your organization. Developing client faith is really about having our clients access to the team.

Obviously delivering quality products and service is monumental but to ensure that you are able to listen and pivot with client needs is of utmost critical. This isn’t about product development but understanding the clients’ ever-changing business missions.

The Inspiration behind the Initiation

Gene Yoo has spent over 30 years, equally between building and operating data centers and cyber security. After spending so much time behind the scene and applying your skills and knowledge only goes so far and a light bulb went off like, where is the gap and is there a solution that can truly deliver what is actually needed in the new cyberwar. That’s when we set out to build our company. You can say the constant battle scar without getting actual defense in place really changed his focus. Needed something beyond the watchtower, beyond the walls, needed real intelligence.

Overcoming the Challenges

“Good or bad, we didn’t get much outside funding. This was just how we started and we continue to be a private company. When you have a company that is built by operators and products are developed by actual people who have been in the field, our mission and delivery model is vastly different from others. But when it comes to business, there were a lot of things we had to adapt and learn. You can say after we came out of stealth in 2019, we have matured in many ways from a business perspective but our mission is still the same”, asserted Gene while answering about the major business challenges he suffered.

The Support System

First and foremost, Gene believes he is here today because of his clients. Second, the team, they are a diverse group spread across globally as well as personality. They function as a big family and support each other through and through. They all love what they do and resolving their client’s unique problems and developing tailored intelligence for their clients keep them very busy but also keep them honest.

To Create a More Balanced and Equal Industry

To create a more balanced and equal industry, Gene suggested that there’s a lot of talk about equality, diversity, and balance. The truth of the matter is that we need to stop talking about it and do it. What I mean is that I don’t believe that we have a skills gap, we have a problem with existing management and administration that is not giving a chance to many who are seeking a career path. We always try to build the “A-Team” but that also alienates everyone who’s trying to get their foot in the door. There was a time when we started and that manager gave you a chance. We need to all remember how we were given the chance and take a chance on new talents no matter what background.”

A Day in Gene Yoo’s Life

Gene’s day starts around 6 AM and ends around 6PM. Nothing fancy, nothing interesting to be honest with you. He has reading and exercise time where he can fit, but one of the single aspects that define Gene is that he has an inbox zero mentality.

Favourite Book: All things written by Maurice Leblanc and Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.

Planning for Future

Resecurity had tremendous growth in the last 3 years from all aspects…. Personal, professional, company, etc… as they are constantly recalibrating internally and developing externally. You know, Resecurity actually was going to be a new endpoint player but here they are, but they are in the final stage to release their new endpoint solution! This has been the team’s goal, which will connect all of the solutions into a unified platform. There are other exciting updates coming in Q4, but let’s hold the press on this.

Awards & Milestones

One of the most important recognition Resecurity, Inc. received was being selected as the Inc. 5000 Most Successful Private US company for 2021. Ranking it at a cool 317. Why this is actually important for the company was because they gathered the financial attestation for the last 3 years to validate the firm’s growth. For Gene and his team, this was a huge achievement and recognition because it also validated their resiliency in this economy and within the cyber security market ecosystem. The second source of pride was being recognized by the Great Place to Work. This was an internal mission during the COVID to ensure that everyone within the company had a voice and for us to have a 3rd party to identify areas of improvement for management. They are thankful for the hard work of everyone at Resecurity and this is a team, not a single person.

Word to the Wise: Be different, play by your rules, and always look ahead. This is a road less travelled, enjoy the journey.

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