Susan Semmelmann: Crafting Corners Through Innovative Creativity & Classic Designs

Susan Semmelmann: Crafting Corners Through Innovative Creativity & Classic Designs

Susan Semmelmann Interiors brings innovative stylish ideas and leverages the experience with custom-crafted furnishings and accessories to bring any vision to life!

Founded in 2019, led by a distinguished and innovative designer with more than 25 years of accumulated wisdom, Susan Semmelmann, Susan Semmelmann Interiors, is renowned for the Design and Execution of beautiful spaces where life happens. From residential to commercial, SSI strives to make the clients’ dreams a reality by combining innovative creativity with classic design traditions.

Susan is leading Susan Semmelmann Interiors and empowering its growth with her excellent leadership ability and innovative attitude. She is an expert in all facets of home design and has the unique gift of creating custom pieces of drapery, bedding, upholstery, woodworking, and floral arrangements. She has a passion for capturing the dreams and visions of her clients and crafting them into a beautiful reality.

Susan Semmelmann is a woman on a mission, a mission to use her gifts and talents for the greater good of everyone in her reachable sphere. Her new company, Susan Semmelmann Interiors, is an integral part of this outreach. Her mission statement reads, “The spirit of living is in the giving.” Those words are much more than a tagline beneath her logo; they are her lifeline to the world around her.

As a businesswoman, wife, mom, and philanthropist, you’ll notice that she is not one to compartmentalize her life, but to weave all of the threads together to create a tapestry of purpose and passion. One glimpse into a day in the life of Susan Semmelmann, and you will quickly realize that she genuinely loves what she does, and her family and friends are directly by her side as she goes.

What Makes Susan Semmelmann Interiors Stand Out?

Susan’s business is about more than simply designing a home; her focus is to create a place of beauty and community for her clients. These are not just design jobs; she sees them as her clients’ dream jobs. She often tells them, “Your style is my style, tell me what you want, and we’ll create it together.” Throughout her 23- year interior design career, she maintains that every home is equally important and unique.

“A home is personal; it is about you and your lifestyle, how you live, and what you want to feel when you are in your happy place. It’s called home because it is where we find life. I want to give you what you want in design so that you will get back the experiences and memories, knowing it is designed around you and what you see for yourself, and sharing it with those you love”, shared the leading lady.

The Driving Force

Home is a sanctuary. Family is everything. Faith is the foundation. Giving is the response.

“I have been married for 28 years; I have a beautiful family with three children and love being involved in the community and working with charities that are very personal to me. I appreciate all of life’s blessings, and I want to give back all that I can. Life isn’t about what you get, it’s about what you give, and I want to give what I have to you”, shared Susan while talking about the support system behind her successful journey.

Aside from family, Susan’s charitable work is her driving force, she works to give, and her giving heart is anchored in the knowledge that life is precious.

The Life-changing Incident

We gain clearer vision and purpose through hardships, and the Semmelmann family has been through their share!

In 2010, Susan’s husband Marc was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. While he was at MD Anderson in a fight for his life, she took over running his business while already working with her design firm and raising three young children. To this day, Marc is the only survivor in the world of this particular kind of cancer, and this offers a very unique perspective on life.

During this season, the Semmelmann family also lost their home on Possum Kingdom Lake in the 2011 fire that devastated the area. Again, perspective. Their response? Overcome, rebuild, embrace life, pay it forward. That is precisely what they have done and will continue to do. During Marc’s stay at MD Anderson, a charitable organization called Raquel’s Wings for Life flew Susan back and forth to see Marc in the hospital. After his treatment and recovery, Marc got his pilot’s license and now has three airplanes he donates to the fleet. He currently flies patients and families to and from MD Anderson several days a week.

Giving Back to Society

Susan has a strong connection with the Fort Worth-based non-profit, Wish with Wings. For 25 years, this organization has been granting wishes to Texas children fighting life-threatening medical conditions. Pulling from her personal resources, Susan recently surprised them with a fully custom makeover of their office lobby. It is her absolute joy to give to those who selflessly give to others.

Through association with these organizations, Marc and Susan have come to be known as the “wing people,” and they love it. They definitely use their wings to elevate others. Now, they both speak publicly and counsel others on the importance of faith and hope.

It is with these things in mind that Susan launched her new brand, so she can help her clients realize their home design dreams and, in doing so, open up more opportunities to pay the beauty forward. She’ll tell you that she did it scared, but she did it anyway, and it has paid off in spades. If her mission is to bring joy and life to those around her, mission accomplished!

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